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studio fight club - full show

Welcome to Studio Fight Club!

Jordan Wright VS Connor King

Ricky D VS Sam Black

Charlie Roberts VS Slim Kaisa

Maximillion VS Vinny Dunn

Fatal 4 Way Match - Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship
Pat Schisk VS Charlie Roberts VS Antony Khan VS Tee Hawke

Studio Fight Club - Full Show - 20/08/22

Studio Fight Club - Full Show - 20/08/22

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Do I get to keep the video I have purchased?
Yes, we'll offer the video here indefinitely following your purchase, you also have an option to download the video.

How can I access the video again?

You'll be able to log in to your account via our website to access your video.

Is my information safe?
Yes, we use the industry leading payment vendor STRIPE for all transactions.

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