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First 3 matches announced for Westlake - Feb 4!

We're in for a treat at Warrior Wrestling Westlake on Feb 4! We have just announced 3 explosive matches with more to come! Let's check them out.


Jamie Tagataese VS James Shaw

Following a cowardly attack by Khan Capital & James Shaw on Jamie's brother Tee Hawke last year, Jamie Tagataese is out for revenge as he takes on the Divine Light, James Shaw!

Tagataese has been frustrated since he lost his opportunity to win the Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship in 2022, will this help Jamie in his destruction of James Shaw, or will Shaw use this frustration to steal a victory?

Taylor Adams VS JK Moody

Taylor has experience in 2AW, ZERO1, and many other promotions. Residing in Chiba, Japan, he revolutionized his skills, techniques, and raised his mana - Adams now presents himself as an extremely difficult and dominant opponent.

Will the antidote JK Moody be able to pull on his raw aggression & experience from the United Kingdom and overcome the challenge of Taylor Adams?

Main Event Pat Schisk VS Tee Hawke - Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship

It's game time, the Aotearoa Heavyweight Champion Pat Schisk will take on the ultimate underdog - Tee Hawke. Hawke won this opportunity in the Last Warrior Standing Tournament and will not let this go to waste.

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements coming soon!

Tickets are selling fast for Warrior Wrestling Westlake on Feb 4 at the Peter Rea Auditorium. Book now to secure your seat and experience the mana!

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