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First entrants in the Last Warrior Standing Rumble!

We now know the first entrants into the Last Warrior Standing Rumble! Let's check them out.

Antony Khan

There is no doubt that Antony will make his presence known in the Last Warrior Standing Rumble with unique offense developed across the United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, Portugal and Italy.

Could his new alliance with the intimidating Victor be a deciding factor?


A wealth of experience combined with championship reigns establishes K9 as one of the top dogs in the rumble, will his unchained aggression leave him as the Last Warrior Standing?

James Shaw

James is one of the most active and experienced journeymen in New Zealand, his plethora of wrestling skills will put his challengers to the test, but will it be enough to rise above the rest?


Since spending 3 years with CMLL in Mexico City, appearing for Progress Wrestling in the UK & winning last years Last Warrior Standing Tournament in both Whangarei and Whanganui, NIWA has been on a warpath of destruction in Aoteroa!

Can NIWA eliminate his opponents to secure his shot at the Aotearoa Heavywight Championship?

Tee Hawke

This Warrior Wrestling Academy trainee has shown great promise over the last year, his high-flying and technical ability have made him a fan favourite, but Tee is ready to step it up a notch and secure his place as the Last Warrior Standing!

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