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First matches announced for Studio Fight Club!

We're 10 days away from Studio Fight Club, let's check out the announced matches!

No Disqualification Match Antony Khan VS Tee Hawke

Antony Khan has been a thorn in the side of Tee Hawke over recent months, finally, Hawke will get his chance to take on Khan one-on-one at Studio Fight Club in a No Disqualification match!

Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship Match Pat Schisk VS Jamie Tagataese

It's official! Our main event at Studio Fight Club is Pat Schisk VS Jamie Tagataese for the Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship!

It's all been leading to this, 665 days since Warrior Wrestling exploded onto the scene, it's time to crown a champion.

Tagataese VS Schisk. One winner. One Champion of Aotearoa.

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