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Warrior Rankings - 30/04/2022

We're less one week away from the Last Warrior Standing Rumble and it's time to take a look at the first-ever Warrior Rankings list!

10. Rufguts Roddy Gunn

2 Wins - 2 Losses - 0:36:46 In-Ring Time

Rufguts Roddy Gunn brought his brawling style to Warrior Wrestling and initially found success in both the tag team and singles division, but since Whangarei Showdown Rufguts has been unable to emulate that success, he is slated to enter the Last Warrior Standing Rumble and will be pulling out every trick in the book to pick up a victory.

09. Ringo Ryan

3 Wins - 1 Loss - 0:38:55 In-Ring Time

Ringo Ryan brought his viciousness and technical ability from the UK and it has paid dividends across Aotearoa. Ringo suffered his first loss in Warrior Wrestling against Pat Schisk in the main event of Warrior Wrestling Live: Howick but looks to get back on track as soon as possible.

08. K9

1 Win - 1 Loss - 36:25 In-Ring Time

K9 initially found tag team success with JK Moody in Howick but suffered his first Warrior Wrestling defeat in a singles match against Pat Schisk in March. The rabid dog is expected to be unchained in the Last Warrior Standing Rumble and could use his prowess developed in the South to get one step closer to the Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship.

07. JK Moody

1 Win - 1 Loss - 32:51 In-Ring Time

JK Moody made his presence felt in both his bouts for Warrior Wrestling, including a marathon tag team match and a narrow loss to Taylor Adams. This weekend he enters the Last Warrior Standing Rumble and has a singles match against NIWA. Can JK Moody pull off the impossible?

06. Tee Hawke

2 Wins - 2 Losses - 32:02 In-Ring Time

Tee Hawke has shown he is hungry for success, only being thwarted by some of the most experienced members of the Warrior Wrestling roster. Following intensive training in the previous few months, Tee Hawke is poised to make a splash at the Last Warrior Standing Rumble by not only entering the rumble match but also facing James Shaw in a singles match. Two massive wins in one night could push Hawke to the top of the food chain.

05. Jordan Wright

2 Wins - 3 Losses - 54:48 In-Ring Time

Jordan Wright has brought his power and determination from Fale Dojo into Warrior Wrestling and dominated many members of the roster. Jordan has struggled to find victories in the tag team division which may create doubters on paper, but anyone who has seen him dominate in person will have a different opinion.

04. Antony Khan

4 Wins - 0 Losses - 35:32 In-Ring Time

Antony Khan has been a force to reckon with in the tag team division alongside Ringo Ryan until Warrior Wrestling Live: Howick when he introduced Slim Kaisa as his associate. Antony Khan now has his sights set on making a statement in the singles division, with the insurance of Slim Kaisa in his corner.

03. Jamie Tagataese

4 Wins - 0 Losses - 1:14:15 In-Ring Time

Jamie Tagataese exploded into Warrior Wrestling at our first event and is currently undefeated. There is no doubt that Jamie has his eyes locked on the Last Warrior Standing Rumble with the aim of winning the Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship sooner rather than later.

02. NIWA

8 Wins - 1 Loss - 57:51 In-Ring Time

NIWA has toured his savage style all over Mexico and the United Kingdom. bringing it back here to Aotearoa and winning the Last Warrior Standing tournament in 2021. NIWA is scheduled to head back to the United Kingdom in early May, but could a Last Warrior Standing Rumble win put those plans aside?

01. Pat Schisk

5 Wins - 0 Losses - 1:14:52 In-Ring Time

Pat Schisk has set Warrior Wrestling alight with his fire and drive, Pat is currently undefeated and is currently scheduled to fight for the Aotearoa Heavyweight Championship at Studio Fight Club, but he will have a roadblock in the form of a match against Taylor Adams in the main event on May 7.

Join us at the Last Warrior Standing Rumble and find out who can shift the landscape of Warrior Wrestling. General admission tickets are still available.

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